Hello from France!

Game dev based in Paris here.

Obviously the current hype around cryptocurrencies caught my attention.
I knew about it since long but never really took interest in it until now.

It’s Cardano philosophy and methodology that made me go deeper in the subject and decide to join. Strong focus on quality and transparency and an honest intention to empower the community. That’s what I gathered from the little time I’ve been reading on the subject. I hope I got it right and that the project will be successful :slight_smile:


Welcome on board!

You might check this:


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Welcome welcome! You should find a very inviting community that also shares your own reason for joining the Cardano band wagon, glad we have another parisian amongst us!

Questions are always welcome here, just so you know :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks to both of you! I have a lot to catch up, but it’s work in progress :slight_smile: