Hello from New Hampshire!

Hello everyone. I am new to the Cardano community- coming with a strong background in technical sales & marketing, as well as government contracts/procurement. I am a believer in Cardano, have been a passive investor in the blockchain space for several years, and am looking to become an active participant. I am looking to contribute to a project team and to meet some awesome people doing cool things. I look forward to connecting!


Welcome Jordan!

Have you had a chance to look at Catalyst yet?


Hey Jordan,

Glad to meet somebody from New England in the forum here. I’m just down the road in Boston. I’m also a long time crypto investor just getting into Cardano but I"m more on the technical side. Anyways just though I would say hi.

Hey Jeremy,

Thanks for reaching out. It is great to meet someone local. If you are ever down for lunch or coffee let me know. I do not come from the technical side of things but am curious to understand it more. I believe that there is immense value to this technology, and am curious about how to connect the technical piece with the social adoption side of things.

Have fun today.