I have ideas... but not the technical experience

I believe so, I would love to discuss with you and work together if you are willing. Sending you a PM

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Hi @Chihuahua, I have a technical background and am always looking for opportunities to collaborate on.


Hi im new around here and I’m in the same boat.
I have active mindthatwont stop so I’m always thinking of new things.
I have a few ideas im my mind they are good but maybe not to others.
Im just after somewhere or some people I can bounce ideas and different things off.
My 1st 1would be a site to pitch ideas and where people can back that idea like a few sites thats already out but this site would just be for crypto plans and ideas.
Another 1 I had while out driving the other day and got fed up of my music, was a site for story telling also can help authors get out there and the people who post storys could get tips could offer limited editions, could have kids story’s, horror, older people telling there storys loads off categories to work with.
Just a few i have loads to go still, any thoughts if they are silly I can just think off more.

Would love to chat about an idea if you have the time at some point.

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I have a nice idea for ADA that can potentially take off. I have a crew of a few people but I was wondering if any additional software developers wanted to get in touch. If you want to get in touch feel free to reply.

I’m a 3rd year software engineer, very keen to get some experience with interesting projects. Let me know if there is anything I can help with.

Hello everyone, I’m in the same boat. ideas but little technical skills. I have a thread posted about Building a network. Need some technical folks to assist fleshing out our ideas.

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Dor mentioned in one of the catalyst videos that within catalyst you can add or search for tags such as seeking_developer, seeking_marketer etc… to help find people to contribute to your ideas


Thanks for the reply XZact.

i work from desktop and it doesn’t appear there is a catalyst desktop app? Please correct me if i’m wrong.

It’s just a website hosted by ideascale.com, anyone can sign up.


Thanks a lot.

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Hi. I am an IT engineer (have technical skill) & looking for VIABLE idea/project…does not have to be big, but realistic problem, something ecosystem actually needs. Ping me if you think idea could have traction.


Hi all hope all is ok . I’m currently located in the U.K. and have a nft idea I would love to get some people together. I also have no tech experience but would love to learn and create something on the Cardano blockchain.

You might find these links helpful:


Well, i myself made a similar analysis, i entered in Catalyst Fund 5 with the whitepaper regarding the formation of a collective where there is infusion between devs and commercial people.

If you mail sincardano@gmail.com i ll send you our whitepaper or you can just connect on our just yesterday create discord for the collective : Safety in Numbers.

I started out the 10 th of april and atm i already have a team of 10 with 15 eligable candidates for our first project that will launch, project Langbassadors

you gave a great summery of the basics which we try to accomplish with S.I.N.
Hope you come find us

[1408 words - word document share]

Cant agree more with DaedalusVoyage. i even submitted my whole whgitepaper in Catalyst Fund5 and share all my ideas and the feedback and input and collaboration that i now receive is truly mindblowing ! Just connect and be open and you ll find plenty of like minded people

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Hello, have you found one yet?

I’m also in the same boat , here is my LinkedIn Profile : https://www.linkedin.com/in/ngalekat/

Perhaps non technical people need to come together and then find technical people to build and execute .

I would like to use Cardano for my ZAPP project Zero Aggravation Payment Platform. This platform will be introduced in our TRenderz VIP app. Initially, an app-based payment gateway. customers will be able to use CC Debit Card and Our Proprietary payment merchant can either store cardano or transfer to a bank why blockchain and not just used merchant services? Capitalizing on blockchain for security and transaction recording and verification. Cryptocurrencies need to be used more as currency instead of commodities in order to stabilize their value. This project will also create an authentication system and passwordless login that can register users and devices so that secure and true authentication of users. We would like to use staking pools as a way for businesses to commerce and transact with ZAPP. There are many aspects to this project that we have solved this is just an overview. We are in the developer team creation phase. and also stakeholder acquisition.

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