I need a Cardano Consultant!


Although I am nominally retired, I am busier than ever with various (non-profit) Life Extension projects and the tech that supports them and therefore very short of time. My background was BioMedical research and then a long time in IT.

I am current enough with the industry to recognise that Cardano will be an even bigger player in the future than it is now. have a few ideas about how the “Crypto Space” (for want of a better generic and all-encompassing term) could help accelerate my projects. However when I wrote up an idea for Fund 3 I didn’t get even one response. I think what I need is a Crypto Space / Cardano guru who can help me navigate the exploding Cardano ecosphere . . this feedback would be worth paying for of course but how would I determine if someone is clued-up enough and trustworthy enough to do some sort of deal with?

Maybe what I am thinking of creating (a panel / group of experienced and honest Cardano consultants) is in itself an idea that is worthy of submission for getting some development support to get done . . but that is obviously a “chicken and egg” situation . .

Anyway, from my point of view, having someone experienced and honest enough that I could rely on - who could give me valuable feedback on how to develop proposals and create some enthusiasm and support for my projects would be fantastic!

Feedback on how to move forward from here would be appreciated . .

I’m surprised that no-one else has replied to you.
I couldn’t find the project you described from Catalyst fund3, can you link to it here and Ill take a look at it and tell you why I think no-one was interested. Im not currently involved in anything Catalyst but you can have my advice FoC if you reach out on Telegram (@OlNick)
I suspect its the phrase

have a few ideas about how… could help accelerate my projects

that’s putting people off.

@oleum Nick,

Oh great! I am out at the moment but I will see if I can find the proposal from my phone - otherwise I will track it down tonight . .


Found it:


  • but the other ideas relate to building on this first idea and mostly other fund-raising ideas for my non-profit:

I suggest you take a look at the successful proposals and try to work out why they are successful (there will be different reasons but some common themes).

Thanks but you did read the Subject of this post right?