Bring new life into this forum

Hello Guys,
have you been thinking about changing this forum into more living platform?
Because in my opinion Cardano needs more “balls”! :laughing:
First of all these smilies :grinning: :grin: :rofl: They look like from Windows 3.1, I have no wonder people are using it so rarely.
But now little more serious. I see that approximately every week we get almost 200 new users and from them probably 90% will never show up in this forum.
Recently I was writing with one pool operator about Catalyst and he didn´t know where to check the projects for upcoming fund. Me neither, I just found it some time ago somehow by accident reading some article on internet that it is on Ideascale. Wtf guys, so important information and so hidden like a secret!
I´ve got a feeling like we are shy to show up what do we got here, we have really good stuff, but now we are like beautiful woman who doesn´t know she´s beautiful and is dressed in sackloth.
And this should change, we should get to know our value and show it to the world!

Most of the people who want to connect with Cardano will come to this forum.
They need something like navigator what they can do, so they don´t feel lost.
We should provide information here which can be seen and grasped easily like:

  • You want to do staking - you do this and this and find the pools here
  • You want to learn about programming - you go here (I don´t know, probably Github)
  • You want to vote for Projects in Catalyst - registration, Ideascale, Catalyst app

I have made a sketch how the forum could look like, I have added some features, but this is more about the feeling than design itself as my skills are quite limited :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I have also suggestions for new categories:
Ada Jobs - you can advertise here if you are looking for or offering a job paid in Ada
Catalyst useful projects - here can be put projects beneficial for community use (for example for me was very useful “Catalyst voter tool” when voting)
DEX - it would be nice to have all dexes on one place and know what´s happening there
Offtopic - after all we are still humans and need to connect with each other, maybe just chatting about nonsense, having fun, sharing our moments from life all the more we want to become a community, also in warming atmosphere often times the best ideas spring up!
Separate wallet section - this was mentioned already before by other members to have separate sections for Daedalus, Yoroi, Adalite and others

I have other childful ideas like we can make some simple Cardano inspired game that people can play on the forum and set High score.
I would like also to see the Cardano brand to be able to buy for example T-shirt not somewhere on internet, but here on the forum - “The original Cardano brand” :grin:

So what do you think, guys? Can we make Cardano more living platform, to envelop the source code with the code of life? :slight_smile:

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:rofl: thats nice

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