New forum design

I am thinking about this topic for a longer time, the forum has great features, but the design is somehow missing. I went on Polkadot forum and it looks almost the same, I would be thinking I am on Cardano forum if I didn´t see the Polkadot logo.
Probably it is some general template used for this type of forums, but as @ADA-INDO said in his recent topic we need to be seen, we need to be known in order to spread among the ordinary people.
In the present form when someone enters the forum and is not a programmer or deeply connected to the crypto world, there is not much to catch person´s eye.
I know, discussing technicalities and practical things is important, but may be it is not the only function of the forum. The real reason why communities hold together is that they feel good being there, they have joy and feel connected.
For me the forum is like a space where we meet, like our virtual house, so let´s decorate it that the people come here just because they feel good being there.
It would be nice to make room also for common people, maybe when it is possible to talk in a language that is closer to everyday understanding, so they feel eligible to participate in the topic and in return they could give us a new spark for the idea which will emanate from this simplicity.
I´ve got also some suggestions for new sections like “Off-topic” where people can discuss what they like and maybe better get to know each other.
Also Yoroi, Daedalus and Adalite would deserve separate sections, from my point of view, this is great place for developers to get feedback and announce news.

What do you think?

P.S: I am not sure how to process these changes, if it needs to go through Catalyst or can we make it as a forum community project. I am also not the programmer, but if there will be will for change and someone who can make the changes, I will gladly contribute few hundred Ada.


I’m totally agree with you… After all we are all human. We have something that we would like to share that we can laugh or feel happy or feel glad.
And besides that, believe it or not Cardano needs more human involvement. We have something in common (we like Cardano). But, we also have something different.

I hope we can get more idea like this and will keep this forum alive.

Just saying, we have a forum in Indonesia named, it have probably around 5 million users and 150 million posting.
I’m not saying that Cardano will be like that, but if only we can get more people come.
That will be awesome.

I think new people are coming, but they don’t know where to hook on, how can they contribute.
Crypto world is far too complicated for ordinary people to get in.
I was trying to learn my neighbour how to buy a crypto on exchange, but it was headache we eventually quit the idea.
I think we can deal with complex things, but at the end make it simple, so everybody can understand.
Like Whatsapp, complex app for sure, but even my 5 years old son can use it.

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As a programmer and a developer, that was my first impression when I registered for an account at the forum. I love how it automatically updates in real-time when it comes to replies and new topics, but I feel that the UX could be better to become more user friendly.

We also definitely need more sections and sub forums. Like you said, if you have a problem with Daedalus for example, you go to Daedalus section…etc.

That would be very helpful.