Does this forum need a 'General blockchain disussion' section

The title, I had a discussion with Zyroxa after he closed my thread where I questioned(out of curiosity) the legitimacy of another crypto project unreleated to cardano, because it wasn’t about cardano. ( perhaps I should question the legitimacy of cardano instead xD ) In any case, he argues this should be a forum solely about quality cardano information. I argue it should also be about blockchain in general, I mean to have interesting discussions so users stay and new arrive. Imo this forum isn’t as lively as they say the cardano community is strong. Ofcourse the big challenge would be to prevent it becoming a trollpit… But has that ever been easy?

Hi, we could definitely do that; just to get an idea what kind of topics would you like to discuss there?

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You know, how other chains are doing things etc, I dunno… My specific inquiry was if somebody else here knows something about toncoin? Their marketcap has basicly tripled in a fairly short time, but so has their “circulating supply” which makes bells go off in my head.