Please fix or at least pay attention to your Reddit sub!

Helloooooo?!! Is there anybody out there who is a moderator on the Reddit sub for Cardano?

You might want to add some new people who actually care and want to help because you’re clearly either not interested or not paying attention because it’s so full of spam and crap something needs to be done.

You’ve got almost 30,000 subscribers!!! You can’t just ignore it!! Please, there are a bunch of people who are trying desperately to volunteer to help moderate the sub. Reach out to them! THEY WANT TO HELP YOU!


I’ve since migrated from /r/cardano to the Discourse forum here. Much better.


I think that a presence on Reddit is important to keep Cardano in the collective conscience of those interested in the Crypto space. It’s a mistake to leave it unloved. It gives the impression of a defunct project. Other crypto communities are abuzz. It’s an exciting time in the Crypto space yet you wouldn’t know it if you visit the /r/cardano !!


Same here. I feel reddit attracts the wrong type of people in the crypto space


Hi @CoconutTruffles Jon, thanks for the heads up and post - we are certainly not ignoring it and will be looking at it more closely once we’ve eaten the mince pies and finished the sherry :wink:

On a serious note, we are exploring ways to moderate it more effectively.

Discourse provides a much better experience for both us as mods and most importantly, you the community for reading and search. As @romeomikedelta and @cardada say, we are definitely seeing a better quality of discussion here.


Whilst this is definitely true, like it or not, Reddit is mainstream so you get ‘mainstream’ type post submissions of memes and the occasional troll. However, Reddit is a great place to raise awareness for Cardano. Even if it’s just posts linking to the best discussions on Discourse to drive traffic here it would be great to see more activity on the Cardano subreddit. If there is anything to learn from the recent FUD surrounding Verge (XVG) it’s the importance of communication between the official project team and Joe Public!


Totally agree with WowMonster. Reddit is to mainstream to ignore. And i understand you guys are really busy but we really need moderation at Reddit asap. It’s filled with shitposts, fud and spam the last weeks.

And even if you don’t have enough people or time to manage it, atleast try to collaberate with us, the community.
Enough people who want to help you guys out. I am a Facebook group mod of the Cardano (English) group and more willing to help.


This doesn’t look good at all. Reddit is a very important part of the crypto universe. You cannot neglect it like that. It is definitely detrimental to the odds of the success.

At least add some Moderators who actually care about the community. There’s a couple of guys who applied for the job but so far they’ve been ignored.


Here’s how a typical newbie goes about it:

  1. hears about it from a friend or sees a post on reddit
  2. searches google for “cardano reddit”
  3. clicks on the first search result:

Maybe they will read the sticky about this forum and then click on it, but decide not to create an account because they prefer using reddit (has very good mobile app).

We want as much exposure as we can get, no?

Why not add some new mods to the subreddit? Those who want to come here can do so. Those who wish to remain on reddit should also have a positive experience.


YES, YES, YES. It is such an easy solution. Win, win for everyone. Why are the “current powers that be” so oblivious to it?

Also I found this on reddit:

Community is a very large effort, in due time can we see improvement and usually then over time it runs out of control. I’d rather the team focus on development on the platform then focusing on the community, that’ll come after when the platform has been put into a state that can not be worried over days on end.


There is CardanoCoin sub. I dont want it to compete. I just wanted to see less spam, fud, and referral shills. That shit was just too unprofessional to be in a sub for a coin that’s this professional


But the community is offering to police itself. If Cardano had made some of the guys who now run CardanoCoin mods on the main sub then there would never have been a split.

It should not detract from the teams time, but from volunteers within the community.


Hi guys, thanks for your concern. We are working right now on new moderation guidelines for Reddit & other channels and will be back with an update on this very shortly.


Ikr, what is wrong with these guys, they just ignore everyone, they delete posts that question moderators, but keep spam, PnD posts, trolls there no problem, it’s like they are trying to ruin the community on purpose, we demand attention, stop ignoring what people are saying here! Give mode rights to those who care, have time and passion to moderate and engage on Reddit, it’s win win, what is your problem mods??

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I agree, when I started the research about the Cardano Project I did what someone said here:

_“Cardano reddit”

And I couldnt believe it was an official forum, after a few days I ended up here, but I think the reddit community is a good tool to educate people about the project.

Some people are using it to spread fear and lower the price and that sort of things, its not something that worries me because I trust the project and Im long term holder.


Not good enough! Spam posts stay in your mod queue for 12+ hours. You have not codified the subreddit rules into the reporting. When people report a post, they have 2 choices: breaking reddit rules > spam, copyright infringement/personal info

or breaking /r/cardano rules > blank page on mobile (can’t proceed), “other” on desktop browsers.

Please make some of the volunteers moderators for /r/cardano.

If not, hire a community manager who can tend to the social networks (including Reddit) full time. There are over 41,000 subscribers on /r/cardano. New subscribers show up every day.

We’re going to keep telling Charles until this gets addressed in a “whole-assed” instead of “half-assed” way.