Cardano Reddit Forum

WTF is up with the moderating there? I’ve been participating there for two weeks and they are still filtering my posts.


Can you please give us some more information?
Links/Topics/Dates/Messages etc.

Edit: I’ve checked the moderation queue on Reddit and it seems that your posts are getting filtered because you have a new account. I’ll approve the messages that are in line with our rules on Reddit.

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The rules state that accounts under one week will be filtered, or if there’s not enough karma generated.

My account is over a week old and I have been participating, so I’m not sure what the issue is. I would appreciate it if the post I attempted today was posted.

Thanks for looking into this.

Then it probably had something to do with the amount of karma that wasn’t sufficient. Your post is approved and is visible on /r/cardano.

Thank you.