Native Tokens are heating up

With Native Tokens now available it might be a good idea to have a sub-category specifically for them where people can discuss the utility of such tokens and ideate and possibly collaborate with others to assist in the success of what tokens they are supporting.
I would hate to see such a forum topic create many problems like the alt section on bitcointalk did years ago yet I truly think it is necessary for serious (small guy’s) projects to have such a place to encourage interaction from the community that could push many projects forward as people connect with each other on the utility of tokens on the network, as it is now it seems that project catalyst is being used as a launchpad for projects that want to use tokens and I wonder if there was a forum topic for token driven projects if less would appear in catalyst - I am leaning toward yes - If folks could gain token adoption maybe it would lighten the load for project catalyst,
Cardano Foundation could we get a native token section here on the forum?

Other than this one?

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Not sure how I missed it.

thx for pointing me to it :wink:

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