Cardano Project Catalyst Complete Guide - Voter ADA rewards, idea submission, and voting process!


Great episode thanks!

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Thank you Donny, I really appreciate that.

My pleasure I have spent the last couple of days trying to get a better understanding of how Catalyst works and the video was a big help.

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Thanks Pey!

No problem, thank you for tuning in!

I just read the stuff on the Ideascale site and signed up. It seems like there is a real disconnect between what is presented and what people expect at this stage in the current process. I saw a lot of comments on proposals where people are critical because all the details aren’t already fleshed out, but my understanding of the early stages of the process is that people could just post ideas and hope they may attract other people who would help work on them. There are later stages where proposals are refined, and that would seem to be a better stage for more critical comments. If things get weeded out too early, it seems like most of the things that get funded are going to be proposals by companies that have the resources to write a good proposal before the first stage even starts and this would seem to exclude some interesting ideas from the community. This might just be a misunderstanding on my part, but I thought I would put it out there.

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I enjoyed your most recent episode on The Cardano Effect. Didn’t make the connection you ran that channel.

I think your thoughts are in the right place and the comments may be a little too critical and may scare great people away.

I don’t run that channel. I just watch a lot of YouTube.

Oh, oopsies.