Project Catalyst Proposal Journey

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Woke up yesterday morning, opened up my laptop & :brain:dumped my POV current high level understanding of Project Catalyst proposal journey process. Not exhaustive but can provide colour of where I think we are & where YOU can help build solid decentralized future.

It seems I’ve arrived at a ~14 stage process from start to finish. Here’s brief outline:

  1. Challenge Setting

  2. Insight Sharing

  3. Proposal Submissions

  4. Refinement & Finalization

  5. Proposal Assessments

  6. Review Flags

  7. Review of Assessments

  8. Public Vote

  9. Funded Onboarding

  10. Acceleration/Mentorships

  11. Distribution Schedule

  12. Regular Reporting

  13. Close Out Reports

  14. Challenge Retrospective/ROI

Here’s the link of my first rough draft:


Feedback always warmly welcome. Knowing where we are and where we can go is paramount for a shared understanding. Focus is also key. Thank you for being here with me as we navigate the future.


I also tweeted version of this here.


The Second Realm

If you have not read it please do with the mindset of how can Cardano be used in this way of life - smart contracts, money, ID, etc.?

Many are experimenting with and figuring it out through trial and error.

I believe Cardano could be a valuable help in this road to decentralization.

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Thank you for sharing. Will do.

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I think you can add a 15th stage which looks at ‘‘Communication’’.

  • The Project Catalyst team communicates regularly with the community on the progress of the funded projects.
  • The community is given a way to provide feedback on the projects.
  • The community is made to get involved in the projects.