Project Catalyst - Festival of Ideas

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Project Catalyst is our experiment in community innovation, calling upon the Cardano community to build the future, together.

Come up with an idea. Get community feedback. Improve it. Then the community votes on its favorite ideas, via a world-first blockchain-based system. And the best ideas get the funds to get built. That’s Project Catalyst.

We’ll soon be inviting the community to register to vote, kicking off the first-ever public Catalyst funding round. An initial $250k-worth of ADA will be available for building the best idea(s)
on Cardano. And that’s just the beginning…

Throughout 2021, further rounds will unlock $millions-worth of ADA to fund development – from content to community resources, Dapps to Defi. Cardano development will accelerate, powered by a creative, empowered & well-funded community. Exciting times.

We’re already seeing huge energy, great creativity & awesome community collaboration across a host of ideas. We want to celebrate that.

So starting today and running through the festive season, that’s what we’re doing. Welcome to our festival of ideas.

We’ve gathered together every idea. And each day, we’ll be sharing a handful for you to explore & enjoy. Each tweet links to a description on our Ideascale innovation platform. So click through to dive deeper (simple registration required).

Stay close to our social channels for all the latest updates on the voting process and timings (and news on our funky new voting app). And when the time comes, you’ll have this handy mega thread to help you decide where to place your vote.

Meanwhile, join us in celebrating the creativity of our incredible Cardano community. We randomized the order - we think they’re all equally worthy of your attention!

So let’s officially commence our Project Catalyst festival of ideas - enjoy!

Liqwid:Cardano DeFi Lending Markets

The first idea we’re sharing from Project Catalyst Cardano festival of ideas comes via DCdoso.

Captura de pantalla 2020-12-08 120115

Read the full proposal here.

Cardano Starter Kits + APIs

Next up, a collaborative idea from Maybe Workshop Gimbalabs and Juliane Montag.

Captura de pantalla 2020-12-08 120025

Read the full proposal here.

More ideas to follow soon in our Project Catalyst festival of ideas.