Next phase in Project Catalyst


Hi Fund2!

We’re beginning the next step in Project Catalyst.

We’ve brought our global community together to determine how we can inspire others to develop Cardano over the next 6 months. This has led hundreds of participants to share their ideas via proposals on our innovation platform. Now it is time to bring those ideas to the next level.

During this next phase, we encourage you to provide proposers with constructive feedback on how they can increase their idea’s impact, auditability, and feasibility. Of course, you can also give ‘kudos’ to ideas that you want to cheer on. This phase will culminate on October 17th 2020, so be sure to make your voice heard before then.

To help you, we have created a guide – so please check it out here. Log on to the IdeaScale innovation platform now to share your thoughts about the future of Cardano.

Before we go, we also have some further exciting news to share.

We’re thrilled to announce to the Project Catalyst community that IOHK is collaborating with the United Nations for its 75th year anniversary! Catalyst will be used to vote on proposals which meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

So take a look at the goals and get inspired. Maybe your idea could help support education (Goal 4), economic growth (Goal 8) or sustainable development? (Goal 17). This is your time to get creative and apply your ideas to the brief.

Winners will receive up to $10,000 in ada as well as guidance from UN affiliates to bring their solution to life while solving the outlined Social Impact Challenge using blockchain technology. To qualify, submissions must utilize Cardano and remain open source. Winners will be announced on October 24th, United Nations Day.

Thank you,
The Project Catalyst team


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Excellent news thank you very excited!


Is there a replay of the Catalyst town hall that just happened? For whatever reason I had a problem logging into the live meeting.


Found it here: