Register here: Project Catalyst — Special voting registration workshop

Register here: Project Catalyst — Special voting registration workshop


Have you explored Project Catalyst yet? Perhaps you have read about the important projects and work being supported through Catalyst, but you are unsure how you can join in the process. Well, you will be pleased to know that voting and registration is easier than you think—and more important for the Cardano ecosystem than you realize.

Project Catalyst is the first public fund for community innovation on Cardano. In chemistry, a catalyst speeds up chemical reactions. On Cardano, Catalyst brings voting power to the Cardano community, allowing all participants to vote on projects that matter to them. In turn, the most promising and popular projects receive funding to grow and flourish on the Cardano blockchain, and your participation is the catalyst to the rapid growth of our ecosystem.

There are 70 Catalyst proposals on how to take Cardano to the next level but we need you, our community, to help make voting on Catalyst a success. Our ecosystem partners, IOHK, are hosting a Crowdcast session later today to help you learn more about participating in public voting rounds for Project Catalyst proposals—a crucial step in democratizing what is built on the Cardano blockchain.

If you are interested in getting involved, join their session at 19:00 CET for step-by-step guidance on how to get started! Your votes count, so register here:

You can also help build Cardano through the Cardano Improvement Proposals, which serve as a primary mechanism for proposing new features, collecting community input on issues, and documenting design decisions that have gone into Cardano.

Learn more about Project Catalyst:


I can see that a lot of work has been put into the Catalyst interface, but it is not intuitive nor easy to use. It should be a site that draws you in and guides you through the voting process. I don’t see that. After spending 45 minutes trying to make sense of the site, I became so frustrated I could not continue. Don’t try to be everything to everybody; start with the basics.

How can one vote without exposing the private keys of their hardware wallet? Is there no way to do this currently?

No its currently not possible to participate with your hardware wallet. Pretty sure that will be possible in the next round or the round after that.

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Hello, can I have a question related to the voting process - I’ve managed to register my funds, I’ve went through all proposals and selected five or six, gave them thumbs up and then casted them, but nothing happend afterwards, there are no entries in “My Votes” tab?! How long does it take to submit my votes to the blockchain? Or should I try to vote second time? Can you help me, please? Thanks a million, Jakub

I just downloaded Catalyst (Jan 14th) and then read this:

Final notes

Daedalus Catalyst is made exclusively for usage for Fund2 voting registration. It does not work for future fund registration, or any other purpose.

So, should I just delete the Catalyst wallet now that Fund 2 is closed and I missed it? It’s basically dead now right? I’m assuming fund 3 will be on done through Deadalus Mainnet?

This is normal behavior. Your votes are collected in the “my votes”-tab until you are casting them. If you finalised your decisions they are casted (a transaction happens) then they disappear.

(this user experience will surely be improved, so that in the future you still know what you have voted)

Thank you so much for the reply :raised_hands:t2: does it mean that I am will receive the rewards? So far thera are still 0 ADA in “My rewards” tab. Once again, thanks for the reply and for great work with Cardano, love this project and its mission. Jakub