Idea Fest Fund 9 - Meet future Builders of Cardano at Project Catalyst

Huhuu and happy Fund 9 everyone

Catalyst Swarm - Idea Fest Fund 9 Proposal Presentations are edited & uploaded now and
there are 130 Proposal pitches available to be watched :yum: :eyes:

to make it a bit more easier, we have 5 Playlists on place

:four_leaf_clover: Community & Outreach Proposals

:four_leaf_clover: Product & Integration Proposals

:four_leaf_clover: Development & Infrastructure Proposals

:four_leaf_clover: Governance & Identity Proposals

Thanks for everyone participating at Idea Fest
And for sure a huge thanks to all the presenters, mentors, builders & lurkers.
Much love to the Cardano Community & everyone who is particpating in building the future of a global and decentralized ecosystem

We hope this videos help you to find projects which might deserve your vote :slight_smile:
Catalyst Fund 9 voting starts on August 25.

Stay tuned at the weekly Catalyst Town Hall