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Hello everyone and welcome to Project Catalyst

Already in touch with Cadano and already thinking about building your own Project on top ?
Come and meet the future builders of Cardano, watch their live presentations and participate in meaningful conversations. Jump right into the ecosystems Events, Sessions and workshops and get inspired and supported to build your own Project. :slight_smile:

:point_right: Each Wednesday at 18.00 UTC <<< Live on Zoom >>>
Town Hall by IOG & After Town Hall by Catalyst Swarm
Join Daniel Ribar (Community Manager), Kriss Baird (Product Owner) and the rest of the community for our weekly Catalyst update.
Join Community hosted breakout Rooms directly after the Town Halls and participate in meaningful conversations and collaborations, join Workshops and connect with the awesome community.
Meeting Registration - Zoom (edited)
Also, have a look on all previous Town Halls

:point_right: Each Saturday: >>>

Eastern Town Halls - At 9am UTC
Meet Cardano Communities and members and their Projects from:
Australia, China; Indonesia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Vietnam

Swarm Sessions at 17.00 UTC
Meet and connect with people and projects in the deep hard of project Catalyst. Present your project, build networks and find collaborators fro your project

Wondering what Project Catalyst is all about or still hesitating to join ?
Take 10 minutes and get some inspiration by Dor Garbash

And last but not least
We invite everyone to join Idea Fest Fund 6 on Saturday, October 2nd at 15.00 UTC
Meet the future Builder of Cardano, watch live presentation of their Fund 6 Projects and participate in meaningful conversations about the presented Projects :slight_smile:

Special Extra, we dont want to forget our friends from East Asia :slight_smile:
So we prepared a special edition of Idea Fest to allow local community members to present their projects in their local language. The presentations will be recorded and translated to give everyone access to the projects building up in Japan and Vietnam :slight_smile:

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My team are ready to present on Idea Fest, Mr. Felix.

Thank you for all what you have done.

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Really happy that your team joins to present your Project :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for all what you are doing, by building and supporting the VIetnamese Community and to build bridges between the Vietbamese Community and Project Catalyst & Cardano @DucTiger :pray:

:four_leaf_clover: Success for @everyone :four_leaf_clover:

:love_you_gesture: Idea Fest Fund 6, which took place on October 2nd at 15.00 UTC is successfully executed.
130+ Community members joined the Event.
69 Fund 6 Proposer came to present their projects to the community.

All presentations have been successfully recorded and will be handled over to IOG.

:question: What next ?
IOG will edit the recordings into a video catalogue and upload the catalogue to the official IOG account. Voters will have some good insights about the presented proposals and fortunately some help to make a better decision when voting for Proposals in Fund 6.
Voting was successfully held, voting winners will receive personalized NFT’s from
Voting winners will be as well interviewed from Kaizen Crypto - YouTube
The AIM Voter tool will link the recorded videos to their voting-tool Project Catalyst Voter Tool

:point_up: Things to improve
Technical issues with our Zoom account at the beginning of Idea Fest Fund 6, blocked some people from joining the Event. We arrived to fix the issue, but this can definitely be improved for Idea Fest Fund 7.

Ah and i dont want to forget our friends from Asia
8 Japanese Proposer, 4 Vietnamese and one New Zealand proposer joined the Eastern Idea Fest, 72 people joined this event to Watch Japanese and Vietnames proposer, presenting their Fund 6 proposals in their local language

So we had in total 82 Presentations and 200+ attendees in Idea Fest Fund 6 :love_you_gesture:

:heart: Thanks and huge shout out to the community to make Idea Fest Fund 6 an amazing Event :heart:

Stay Tuned for future Events and join the Cardano Catalyst Community Network on Meetup