Catalyst Weekly #64: Join community events around the world!

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Hope this message finds you well.

February is upon us. Month two of 2023. How are you feeling? If you need a place to hang out, have someone listen to you, or wish to get involved a little more - there’s a standing open invitation across the entire ecosystem of events. You can review some of them below but rest assured - this is the tip of the iceberg. What I am trying to say - there are engaged and amazing communities across the entire ecosystem that will warmly welcome you.

Don’t be shy, we’ll be waiting whenever you are ready.

Let’s dive into what’s the latest.


Town Hall


:bulb: Next: Feb 8 at 5PM UTC. Register now via this recurring link.

Community Events


Many community events are taking place regularly across the ecosystem. In the image above and below you can find a snippet of what is available out there. A great way to lurk around and over time participate even more directly. You can browse more via this link.


Catalyst GitHub Repo - Weekly Round-Up


One of the primary objectives this year is to make it easier for Community members to understand how Catalyst works on the technical side and to access the Catalyst technical backend to increase transparency in systems. The major side effect later this year is expected to be around the ability of the community to come along and start co-creating/helping build/suggest improvements to these foundations.

This repo is the starting point and we’re seeking improvements to it throughout the months to come. For now, feel free to bookmark the pages and lurk around as we get it ready:

Impact on Cardano


One of our community members, Peter Smelik and his team continue to release further video content from the last Cardano Summit. This time around concentrated on impact-related initiatives. Start with watching this introductory video here:

You can find a lot more resources via the following link: c4c.cardanosummit2022 | Twitter | Linktree

Deep Funding: Round 2

Deep Funding, the SingularityNET Grant program and ‘little sister’ of Catalyst, is now in their ‘stable period’. There are 85 proposals over 5 different pools, almost doubling in size from the first round. Have a look at the proposals, and share your valuable insights with the proposers. The best starting point for a good overview is: Projects & Proposals – Deepfunding

Cross Chain Collaborations on Governance?


Community-led musings on what’s next in governance more broadly. This week, Felix Weber (CF Ambassador/Swarm), chimes in with some of his thoughts on how to approach it. Here’s the excerpt of it.

"Huhuu and happy day everyone. :slight_smile:20x20

“Ah, and happy new year for sure.”

“First of all, I want to thank everyone involved and engaged in spending time to ideate and experiment with new Governance systems, processes, tools and everything around the emergence of Blockchain based Governance. The work which has been done in this ecosystem is mind-blowing and inspiring.”

“When looking at Blockchain Governance, from my very own perspective, I think it’s a healthy approach to not focus on a specific Blockchain and its emerging governance structures but on the Blockchain space in general.”

“There are several DLT/Blockchain ecosystems and communities, deeply thinking and working on new governance for their environments, yet… There is a deep lack of communication and collaboration across DLT/Blockchain ecosystem and efforts are often done in silos. Achievements or failures from one ecosystem are rarely communicated or visible to other ecosystems which leads to a certain duplication of efforts while all ecosystems work pretty much on solving the same challenges.”

Continue reading here.

Want to be even more engaged? Everyone is invited who is interested in these discussions on the CIP Discord where there’s a channel for everything Gov Roundtable:

The Governance Toolmakers Roundtable is a Community initiative with Cardano Community Governance toolmakers to define best tools & tool sets for open sourced on chain governance processes and platforms and to explore best solutions and practices for voting and other governance processes.

Be engaged - join the conversation.

Last week in CIPs


Here’s the recap from my colleague Ryan Williams that writes these fantastic CIP round-ups. I figured you’d like them, too. So here’s the latest to get up to speed. You can catch past and future summaries via this Cardano forum thread here as well. If are unsure what CIPs are about - please check out this link to dive deeper:

RW: What happened in CIPs last week?

RW: Continued Recommendations:

  • CIP-46 Merkelised Plutus Scripts:
    • This proposal suggests changing how scripts are hashed, from the hash of its serialisation to a hash of its immediate children’s hashes, forming a Merkle Tree from the AST.
    • This interesting proposal!
  • CPS-0002 Pointer Address Removal:
    • This problem statement proposes the removal of pointer-type addresses.

Next Meeting:

  • CIP Editors Meeting #61:
  • Feb 14th 5pm UTC.
    • postponed from Jan 31st
  • Held on Discord - here.
  • Agenda.

Further varied governance and Catalyst community conversations can be also followed on the official Cardano forum here. Don’t be shy to be part of the conversation.

Catalyst Project Completions - 390+ and counting!

390+ projects funded by Catalyst have been completed to date by submitting their self-reported close-out reports and videos. Not seeing your favorite project completed yet? You can check their progress on other tabs and also the monthly reporting output documents. Save the links below:

Are spreadsheets a little too much? Leverage community tools like Lido Nation which you can find here or via website directly.

Get in touch

And that’s a wrap. Let’s talk Catalyst & governance via twitter, or telegram, or reddit, or wherever is your home online and keep conversations engaging on these very important topics.

Enjoy your weekend ahead!

Danny & the Project Catalyst team

Daniel Ribar
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Note: References in this newsletter to the 3rd party projects, products, and services are provided for information purposes only and are not endorsements. Everyone should carry out their own investigations before relying on the information provided in this newsletter.