Developer Portal: native tokens / NFT

Hello everyone :wave: I would like to briefly point out that we launched the new Developer Portal yesterday on with its own “native tokens / NFT” category.

We are keen to hear your feedback. Please tell us what you are missing in this thread, raise an issue on GitHub, send a screenshot, or open a pull request.


thanks @adatainment - looks good & very helpful. Just one question: for the newcoming developer to Cardano native tokens, how would we choose whether to use the NFT material on the Dev portal above, or this material on the Docs portal? Any guideline based on target audience, date, authority, authorship, etc.? :pray:

Thank you. You should use the one that works better for you and offers the better user experience. That said we tried to avoid recreating content and you should think of the sitting on top of, providing content by using the documentation. (I’m almost sure there is no NFT tutorial in for example)