Native Token Documentation (Page Not Found)

Hi Cardano Community,

Seems like the documentation of creating native token had been removed? Any clue?

Do there have any documentation that I could use as a reference to create native token?


I also got an error. Are there any update or something wrong with this?

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Many of the doc links broke (also for Plutus) a few days ago, maybe last week? Hope they fix it or at least set up some redirects to the new locations.

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I also noticed, however there is some documentation on :Getting Started With Native Tokens — Cardano Documentation 1.0.0 documentation if you haven’t found it already!

Quick question: is there any NFT project that you all are excited about?

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I am doing one right now called CardanoCubes. It was a bit of a hassle to mint (and really expensive) but I think I got it right and now we are building a real store for the sale. We are hoping to get rid of the chaotic process some buyers have experienced :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I am also working on a charity NFT collection that is to come soon, I think it would be a really nice and fun thing to do!

Wow, Freja, Happy to hear that, mind to share the link of your project’s website. Let see what we can contribute to make the project succeed. :grinning:

Very excited for the growing of crypto community. Hehe

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Freja, thanks for pointing it out. I will take a look. Appreciate that. :grinning:

Thank you! :relaxed:

The link to the website is (the tokens are connected to a well known game we set up to work on the chain input) and I also made an introduction to the project in the forum if you want to know more at: Cardanocubes - Pokemon on Cardano.
Always happy for feedback and improvements :slightly_smiling_face:

Freja, thanks for your replied. The concept of the project is pretty similar with Enjin right? Player could trade and exchange the game item through their wallet (daedalus) through NFT. The only thing I am curious about is the storage (IPFS) part, which storage blockchain you are using for that (sia, filecoin or arwe)?

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