Cardanocubes - Pokemon on Cardano

Hi everyone!

Me and @Jasper have been working on a NFT project with a twist, and I would love to get your feedback or participaton in it!

Rather that just minting NFT’s and selling them we have built a on-chain-game by re-writing an old pokemon emulator to run on input from the chain transactions - and instead of a pre-sale we will be sending unique tokens to random participants in the game.

The idea is not only to have fun but to visualise the speed and accuracy of the cardano chain, and to find a spot where it’s both pretty fast and pretty accurate. For comparison Kraken takes 10 minutes on average to confirm a transaction on cardano, and 40 minutes for bitcoin. For the small transaction amount we use (1 ada which is the minimum output value) we don’t really need the kind of security that kraken apply against double-spending attacks and such, so we are able to display the moves in the emulator in a much more reasonable time, often seconds.

We are hoping to release the source code of the chain polling and emulator after the run to see if anyone else wants to give it a try, or even to see if it can be used to visualize and compare other chains speed and accuracy.

If you want to join and catch them all (both pokemons or NFT’s) or just check the project out it is now available on Twitch and on our web-page with instructions on how to play: cardanocubes

Happy to recieve feedback or questions!



It’s been a fun project to develop! Would also love to see any feedback or questions :slight_smile:

Wow, this project looks fun. I’ll check the website then. Thanks and wish you a nice weekend :coffee:


Thank you! It has been a really fun to work on as well :relaxed:

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I’m thinking not many people will do this at $1+ (1 ADA) per move?
Are you thinking of doing this on a new token that won’t have the monetary value?

Yes, that is a problem. At first I was planning to create move tokens and give away for free, but as they can not be sent without at least 1 ada it would practically be the same price. What we did in the end is that we created the NFT collection called CardanoCubes and we hope that people think it’s fun to play to get the unique NFT’s rather than buying them - and that that makes it feel ok to spend some ada on the game instead. We will also be selling them later for those who don’t want to play.

But yes, ideally it would be much cheaper! :slight_smile:

When the standard wallets support including metadata in a transaction, it will be possible to set up lower-cost services like this: Once the user purchases a token, they could send it to themselves (for ~0.15 ADA) with metadata attached that indicates the moves they want the pokemon emulator to make. The emulator would watch the metadata on any transactions involving authorized tokens, and then take the appropriate action; the tokens could either be good for an unlimited number of moves, or they could “expire” or need refreshing after a given number of transactions.

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I expect lots of cool stuff will be possible in a couple of months. I’ve not read enough on smart contracts to know for sure yet, but I imagine you could do something with them that would automatically refund the bulk of the transaction as well, reducing the cost to something like 2x transaction cost.

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