How Would Blockchain Gaming Work on Cardano?

Hey all, I’ve got a bit of a complicated question to ask, so I hope you’ll bear with me for a couple minutes.

So recently there’s been some chatter in my circles about wanting to save blockchain gaming from being delegated to loot box simulators and CryptoKitties-esque games. Don’t get me wrong, what’s being done already is pretty neat… But that’s kind of where the buck stops.

Anyway, the project I’m basing these questions off intends to build an SDK similar to ENJIN’s. I know they’re on ETH like this one, but there are also definitely building limitations with the ERC-20 network.

After reading on the site that ERC-20 bridges are being built, it makes me think that there could definitely be a future for blockchain gaming on Cardano, however I have little insight into how it all works.

So I’ve got a few questions I’d like at least some approximate answers to if anyone has the knowledge:

  • How does Cardano’s Ouroboros proof-of-stake make building on it better?
  • Does this blockchain’s speed make blockchain gaming more or less viable?
  • If a project like this took off and jumped chains, would it actually be able to be integrated into Cardano?

I think one of the aspects of blockchain gaming I’m really interested in is how much can really be baked into the blockchain, right? Like if someone were to build a pretty hefty AA game onto Cardano, how is the gas/chain managed to account for a more demanding application taking up bandwidth?

Again, I’ve got no clue if anyone has answers for this. This AMA I found recently/mcdvoice dove into a lot of blockchain gaming info for ERC-20 projects… Can these ideas be compatible with Cardano?

Truth is, I just really like the blockchain as a concept, and I love gaming. And I think Cardano definitely has a bright future that a lot of promising projects can build on!

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