About Native Token Creation

Can anyone help me out with how to create a Native token on Cardano using CLI?
I have completed the installation of the Cardano-node, my relay started working but I don’t know the further process.

How did you install the Cardano-node, can you send the reference you followed.

I’ve only found this testnet example so far

I referred to this website this is the easiest way I got

The best documentation I found is the one given by @gqz777.

FYI, I built a project on github while experimenting native token creation.
You can check this Haskell code if you want to try some front-end to cardano-cli.
It’s still work in progress and probably needs some improvments, but the code is fully operational : I minted several tokens on testnet with these tools. Feel free to experiment.

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Can anyone help with this question.

How can I embed my pop videos and sell them via Cardano/Native tokens, like you can with NFT’s? I keep hearing Cardano is superior to Ethereum, but I don’t see what one can do with it, except trade with it.