Creating Native Tokens

Hi all!

How can I create a token when the Mary fork happens in a few hours?

The docs (Working with Multi-Asset Tokens) say to use cardano-cli but cardano-cli is archived and deprecated! Should I use it anyway? Can we make this more clear to devs?


Figured it out - we’re supposed to use the cardano-cli that’s part of cardano-node.

Hey could you be more specific and help us out, we like to create also a token. Any helpful hints?

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Hi danaugrs,

hope your fine.

I found this link for the node on github for OS win 10:

How can I use this *.exe? I dont realy get it. Do i need a addional software (IDE) like pycharm to go on?

Thanks for any help.

I haven’t created tokens guys. I just figured out which cardano-cli the documentation was referring to.
Basically you have to install cardano-node and that will have the cardano-cli in it. Then just follow the instructions in the doc I linked (Working with Multi-Asset Tokens).