Append information when Build my token using cardano-cli

Hi everybody,
I’ve researched and tried to build a new native token following this document:
and build success.
However, my token doesn’t have readable info like 2nd screenshots. So anyone knows which step to put info in when issuing a new token.
Thank you and have a great evening.


Hi, you have to register your token on the token registry server that is curated by the Cardano Foundation.

You can do it by hand, or you can use my scripts to do so. But for that you would need to import your asset into the right format.

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thank you for your response, that helps me a lot.
On the 2nd link,
I got stuck on this step since I do not clearly understand that.
Would you mind reformating it for me?
Thank you, and have a good evening

ufff… sorry, messed up the formatting in the i have updated it, please reload/revisit it, thx!

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hi @ATADA , the looks good now. Thank you!
Btw, I have a question related to this. When I tried to run the script ./
the terminal return many “y” characters. Is it expected behavior ?

hi, not its not. is not really made to be executed directly. it is called from all the other scripts. have you tried an other one?

hi @ATADA , yes. I think it the same error and from ./


i think you’re using zsh, try bash with the scripts.