How can I build my token on Cardano?

Hello. I need help
How can I build my token on Cardano in an easy way, since I am a beginner and not very familiar with programming?
If there is a video explaining this in detail, I would appreciate it.
thank you.

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Don’t know about a video but the official documentation does explain this in details. No programming skills required, only some familiarity with the command line: Getting started with native tokens. Also you might want to spend some time reading about native tokens first.


Thank you very much for your answer. I have some other questions that may seem easy to you, but in fact, they are difficult for me because I am a beginner and I love learning.

  1. Is there a program from Cardano where we put the name of the currency and its symbol and the specific amount to produce the coin and then the currency is produced directly like other learning programs for Ethereum?.
  2. After I build my code from the documents above. How can I save my code?.
  3. How to insert the token inside the coinmarketcap website?.
  4. How can they be included in the trading platforms?.
  5. How to price a currency?.
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Well, if you love to learn you’re in the right place :wink:

Not that I know of, if you mean something like EasyCNFT for NFTs. That said, there is an ERC-20 to Cardano converter coming soon.

Like you would with any sequence of command lines, you save them in a text file known as a shell script. It’s a form of programming.

For that you’d have to ask them, but I believe your token should be listed at least on one exchange for that. I don’t think they list any token during its ICO phase, I may be wrong though.

If by “trading platforms” you mean exchanges then you should contact them as well, as each of them is free to use any criteria for that.

That one is far above my pay grade and expertise. I believe you mean the initial price, because once it’s listed on an exchange it’s the market that determine the price.


I don’t know how to thank you.
But thank you so much for trying to help me. I tried to understand from you some things related to this matter. I hope that someone else will respond with a practical video from beginning to end. This will be really cool and will help many like me build their symbols without problems.
Thank you

No problem, you’ll find a token builder prototype on this post. It should eliminate the need for such a video.

I do not know when it will be released though, and you’ll also find many useful resources on An introduction to minting native tokens on Cardano


Yeah. I got this article. But I still need a video. Thank you

Maybe have a look at this one

But keep in mind it’s a CLI tool, so you’ll have to type the command lines yourself at some point. And that will give you very little background or useful information to get comfortable in using it. Sometimes learning the hard way is the most rewarding.


Thank you very much. I’ve seen this video before. But I don’t need an NFT to build, I need a normal tokin. I’ve searched a lot on youtube but can’t find anyone explaining this. Why don’t you explain it and be the #1 explainer on YouTube? And I learn from you.

Look at this video, I think it’s fraudulent. v=eILs-Vzi2CI&t=3s

Delete the space after (?).

This video is for NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) and FT (Fungible Tokens)… The difference is already explained in the links I sent you. As for the YouTube video you mentioned, I couldn’t say if it’s fraudulent for sure but you now have enough information to do it yourself.


Thank you. I hope in the future Cardano will make a real site based on tokin builder without having to go into programming like the Binance platform.

Just curious… What would you like to do with your token?

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The tools for creating tokens on Cardano mainnet which are GUI based coming soon, be patient because the benefit is big.


Thank you for your question. Everyone benefits from my coin when it is put on the cryptocurrency market because it will have an existing project that I can only disclose when I design the coin.

This is what I’m really looking for. Because many of us are not very familiar with programming and coding but have projects that they want to exploit for the benefit of everyone. Thanks for posting the video, I’ve heard it before.

Feel free to try to mint either your usual tokens or nonfungible tokens (NFT)

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I don’t know if this site belongs to you or not and whether it is legitimate or not. But it’s really cool. But it lacks a lot of CSS to be perfect. Please also put a mark (?) on these features (Non-fungible Token Fungible Token) explaining what is the difference between them. Because a beginner like me does not know the differences, which one should I choose?

The main and fundamental diff between NFT and FT is the uniqueness available only in the case of non-fungible tokens, which in some cases is debatable. NFTs are by definition unique, so only one owner has a certain NFT. Of course we see a lot of pseudo-NFTs creators creating 2-99999 pieces of the same image for instance and declaring them NFTs by just numbering them from 1 to lets say 999999. This is not pure NFT in my opinion as it defeats the whole concept of “non-fungible” and can be declared as fungible tokens or simply Cardano native tokens with a file attached :blush: Hope this makes more sense. Ps. recently I have heard that each individual BTC is a NFT as they have a unique origin and traceability lol


Is the website yours? Because it required 4 ADA payment to complete the job I don’t know how to guarantee it is legit and there is no fraud.

There is only one way to guarantee that…