How can I build my token on Cardano?..updated

Welcome, everybody.
Why is there not a website with a graphical interface certified by Cardano that builds the original codes without suffering from the programming side?
Once a person enters the currency name, currency symbol, and currency number, the token is issued to him.

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Hello abokandeel,

I understand that this is being developed by Cardano, you could also look at this service at: - I have used this twice for my tokens on - you can find them under the names of “iHEAR” and “CHG”.

I hope that helps :grin:

Carl Henry

You are a fraud because this site is a scam. I reported it on YouTube. I will now inform the Cardano crew.

Dear ahmed ali,

Why would you make this allegation?

Why “report this to YouTube”? This has nothing to do with YouTube…,

Why is this a scam, please respond?

You will find the application on the Cardano Developer’s Showcase (2nd Row):

There is a link to the website:

On the website there is a contact address to the developer: I have sent several emails and received comprehensive replies from Anselme (See the image below).

As I said I have created 2 Tokens on this system which can be clearly found on - you can find them under the names of “iHEAR” and “CHG”.

It is too easy to make unfounded accusations on the internet from people who are destructive or simply do not know what they are doing!

I expect you to confirm the above for yourself, then issue an apology and retraction of your baseless claim.

Yours sincerely,

Carl Henry

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