Absolute newbie: Can someone teach me how to create a native token? (I can pay)


I am an absolute newbie when it comes to crypto. I’m a senior developer in different OOP languages and I have watched an hour video on Haskell - it seems fairly simple to understand.

What I want
My main interest in Cardano is to create my own native token. I find that extremly interesting.
I want to be able to:

  1. Create/Destroy tokens
  2. Send tokens to any user
  3. Switch which user can preform the actions above.

Basically I want a simple currency system at which the admin position is swapable.
Can somebody teach me how to do this? How much would it cost per hour?
Preferably through vc/screenshare on discord.

There are some tutorials but it’s hard to follow as a complete newbie to both crypto and haskell. I get alot of questions quite fast which is why I think a vc would help me get up to speed real quick.

Is somebody available?