I am ignorant, I have questions about a native token

Hello, I have several questions to which any answer is welcome. (sorry, my english is basic)

I want to create a project with the Cardano network. One point is to create a native token to use as a currency so other users can use it.

In the hypothetical case that the project is successful and an exchange wants to accept the token, can an “x” amount of tokens be transferred? Is the transaction cost 1 ADA?

To be able to be clearer and writing wrong haha: by creating a token here, can you make a “coin” (I know it’s not a coin) and expand it through other exchanges? Is it very costly? Are there any other special requirements?

If anyone has time. I would like to be able to ask you questions

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

You can create as many tokens as you want. The minting (the creation) would cost 0.2 ADA aprox and everytime you want to trade them with someone else you will need to give them at least 1 ADA (most people transfers 2 ADA) plust the fee which is around 0.2/0.4 ADA