Creating a native token for someone else

In the near future many new users will jump into the cration of Cardano’s multi-assets.

Many of these new users will want to mint a native token on Cardano but don’t have technical skills. So they will approach developers to help them with that. As it happened with the minting of many ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens.

How do you guys envision the process of minting native tokens for others (clients) would be? Taking security and ownership into consideration.


I am interested in this also

@Ryan_Morrison @DaddyCrypto_DTM I’m interested in making a native coin for my coffee company and am in need of a developer. Let me know if you can help me and I can help you haha

I really wish there was a more central place for developers to meet and plan for potential projects on the network.

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I am a developer an searching for nice projects where i can help…maybe in return to stake to my pool or something:).


Hola Aleincsharp
No soy desarrollador. Estoy interesado en emitir un token nativo para mi negocio de clases en linea. Me gustaría conocer como puedes ayudar con la emisión y listado.
Saludos cordiales

Check our wesite. Maybe we can help you with that.

Ryan Morrison


Don’t all the docs say you will be able to mint tokens without having to write code? -_-

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Hi everyone, I am active in helping others create tokens, consider reaching out to me via Twitter so we can communicate.



Tried to send a message through your website but the contact form is not working

Thanks for letting me know. We fixed it and it’s now working.

Please try again. Thanks.

Hi did you get the sending out of coins resolved from your wallet? Have you tried the yoroi wallet yet? Cheers!

Can we go back to the topic of the post?

I’m not a developer (even if I played around in web dev) but I’m an engineer and a consultant. I think clients will need a consultant / business engineer that will provide specifications for their need, overlook the development and verify the code it’s following the wanted business logic. This should be easy with Marlowe (and the inherent properties of Haskell/Plutus).

can you email me ill take the help as the last two scammed me asking for Eth haha. Im trying to create a token for my art that was on the waves blockchain but want to use Cardano. I will message you on twitter as well but don’t usually use it. Thanks :slight_smile:

What I’ve been doing is creating a new wallet, creating the token, then sending the files and wallet mnemonic to the owner.