Creating Tokens using the Token Generator

Good Afternoon,

Me and a colleague have decided to create a business model to would include Tokens on the Cardano Blockchain. The only problem is, neither of us can write code ( I can understand it, but I can’t write it unfortunately).
Now with the new Token Generator coming out to help the less technical people like me and my partner, will we be able to add custom features to the token? Or will they just be standard, linear functioning tokens used for distribution purposes? We want to add things similar to staking rewards, burns, and token reflection, along with a couple other ideas to make it “Unique”. The only other option I can think of is finding a developer in the Cardano defi space, but that is looking like a hard task in itself. Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions!

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Hey TidusBlitz,
I am as well heavy with ideas and thought about what you are thinking…I see Marlow playground as a solution, did you look into that ?