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Noob question following as i already know the aswer but way more clever people than me are in this forum so it’s not bad to ask.
I found some free time and wanted to play/test with Tokens and NFTs. I decided to use one of the sites that create tokens instead of doing it myself through CLI so i minted a token at but when i received it at my Daedalus address i found out that no information were shown and i had to use cardano-token-registry if i want to add those at blockchain.
After reading the pre-requisites to do that i offcourse found out that i don’t have the keys used to define the asset policy so i can’t proceed with the registration or any other process like burning them etc.
So noob question as i said… any other way to do that process now or in the future?
Extra question, why sites like that exist if you can only mint a token but can’t register to the blockchain to be properly visible?

Hello @Xpriens

I took a look at that website and the creator of that website did leave contact e-mail where you can send your question/ concern/ request. Also, it says on the website that after creating your token all the needed info will be included in JSON file. So, if you didn’t receive it or have no such info just contact the creator of the site.

This is a very specific question about a process that creator of that program can advise you on much better then anyone else.

I suggest also to inform the creator of that website about which part of their offer you found misleading or lacking information so they can improve communication on their website.

This is all new to many people. There will be many sites/ programs out there that will try to fill a need for all this new NFT/Token market place. Many of them will fail, but the ones that do make it will become a huge part of the new Cardano ecosystem. More people try to create something useful, larger pool of competitors will exist. That means that we will get only the best that survive in the new ecosystem. At such early stages you can expect a lot of smaller projects to be lacking some aspects of a full featured build.

For now I would treat all these site as open BETA and expect some issues. Contact them with your issues and let them know about your experience in using their builds so they can learn and improve. Or, if you don’t want to deal with all this, just wait a few months and there will be a dominant/ well known minting provider that will emerge and just use them. :factory:

From my personal experience. I did try many sites and so far I found that was easy to use for NFT creation and it was all one-stop-shop kind of thing. You enter name, image, URL (optional). Pay 4 ADA and they send you a completely minted NFT in about 3 minutes.

Hope this helps :smiley:


Thanks for your answer @Neo_Spank. Before i post here i’ve send a mail to the contact address but never got an answer, maybe i will get in the next few days.
I did receive the JSON file with information but only name, symbol, description, token type and mint type were included so it’s not that helpful.
I chose to use and not because i wanted to create a simple token first and not NFT.

Anyway i hope someone will get back to me and we address that because i also want all cardano related projects to get better over time.

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I got an answer on my mail and everything is sorted out now.
Anslume was kind enough to prepare me the json file so i only had to make a pull request on github.

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