Custom Native Token

Can’t seem to find any details on creating a custom native token. I know it can be done via CLI but there was talk of a new GUI interface for creating these tokens. Can this be done now and if so can someone point me to how you set them up? Thank you.

Using cli

For that guide mentioned by u I think u will need to use cntools

Thanks for the reply. I thought the GUI was available for creating the custom tokens. Is that not the case? Not creating a NFT, just creating a custom token. Also, what wallet should it be showing up? Mainnet or flight?

@trustalyze There are plans to introduce a token builder for less technical users to be able to generate fungible tokens with a GUI at some point in the future. I have not heard any update saying when it is going to be released. As of today the CLI tools and a properly configured and running relay node are the only way I know of.

Start here:

Also be sure to check out the token exercises int he official docs for a step-by-step guide: as even though this was written for testnet it still has useful information.

If using the terminal is too much then I would wait until after Gougen fork when things will become easier for you!