Cardano GUI Token Builder

When will the public be able to create Token’s and NFT’s without CLI knowledge?

There are various projects providing centralized wrappers on CLI workarounds for NFT creation. I can’t vouch for the quality or security of any of these as I have not used them. As far as I know there is no dapp that has launched with smart contract capability to create NFT on behalf of users. Additionally I do not think there will be any development from IOHK, EMURGO, Cardano Foundation, etc for a GUI based NFT builder.


Why would they not develop it though?
Earlier this year, IOHK released a blog post teasing a “token creator” GUI.
IOHK blog

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That token creator utility was mostly a meta data tool intended to support fungible tokens only if I recall. I cannot speak for IOHK or Charles but I suspect it much lower priority compared to PAB integration and other tasks to support the network itself. We are still in the very early phases of both Cardano development and third party development as well. For example I was targeting end of year for launching my project but now I am pushing that back into mid to late next year. Mark your calendar for July 2022 as by then I believe there will be real dapps and projects launched for the general public to enjoy for Cardano :wink:

I’ve also been waiting for the Cardano Token Builder GUI. If it’s not going to be completed, is there a CLI instruction guide that shows how to do these basic steps? Specifically. how does the monetary policy need to be set up, or is there a default that can be safely used?