How to mint using CNFT Tools


I would like to mint NFTs using CNTOOLS, but I’m having an issue with the metadata and asset not displayed in

I didn’t find any complete tutorial about how to mint using CNTOOLS, but I could update this topic, and it will become a tutorial.

I’m doing this on a block producer node of my staking pool, which i’ve installed following this great tutorial from Alexd1985 and which is based on guild-operators scripts and CNTOOLS:

Here is what I did:

1- Activate CNTOOLS advanced Mode

Change cntools.config (scripts folder) for enabling the advanced mode.
Run ./

2- Create a Wallet
select “Walet” → “New” → follow the steps for creating a wallet
Sending ADA to the new wallet and validate transaction is completed
3- Create a Policy
Go back to home menu and select “Advanced” → “Multi-Asset” -->“Create Policy” → follow the steps for creating a new policy
4- Create Metadata
Upload the file which will be minted to IPFS and copy the ID for preparing Metadata with the policy ID previously crteated as below:

“721”: {
“replace by policy_id”: {
“NFT01”: {
“name”: “Logo01”,
“Collection”: “Final Edition”,
“Series”: “S000”,
“Id”: “01”,
“Description”: “Logo NFT Test - short”,
“Rareness”: “Uniq”,
“Artist”: “Myname”,
“Copyright”: “Copyright 2021”,
“image”: “ipfs://ipfs/QmSdwdyikmRS9iZQfGpxbFsQTKdyhfTWm4jn3fcpDjXNaS”

Go back to home menue, the “Advanced” → Metadata"–> “Online” → “No JSON Schema (default)” → “enter” → open nano editor and paste prepared metadata, exit, save → “Stop”, i didn’t continue for signing the metadata as i guess it will be done during next step

5- Mint the asset
Back to home menu:
select “Advanced” → “Multi-Asset”–>“Mint Asse” -->Select the created policy for minting → enter asset name → define number of minted tokens of this asset —> Attach JSON file = yes —> browse and select created metadata file —>Select wallet to mint assets on and cover the transaction fees → wait for it, and it is completed.

When I check my wallet, I see the minted tokens as assets and they are listed on, but I can’t display them, hereunder is what I get:

Could someone please explain me what am I doing wrong, and what should I do ???
How could I correctly mint using CNTOOLS ?

I’ve tried to Rgesiter the asset minted (“Advanced” → “Multi-Asset”–>“Register Asset”), but it is requiring “token-metadata-creator” which I didn’t know how to install … ???

I get this message when i check my wallet assets:

No metadata registered in Cardano token register for this asset

I’ve tried multiple Metadata files formats, or IPFS files or structures, but I’m getting the same result.



Great tutorial!

I think (I am not sure) u should register the token first


Thanks @Alexd1985 for the reply! I think you are right and that’s why I was talking about installing this component for CNTOOLS : “token-metadata-creator”

But unfortunately, I didn’t manage to do it, i found some tutorials using it, but not explaining how to install it.

I think the issue is in following line.
“image”: “ipfs://ipfs/QmSdwdyikmRS9iZQfGpxbFsQTKdyhfTWm4jn3fcpDjXNaS”
It should
“image”: “ipfs://QmSdwdyikmRS9iZQfGpxbFsQTKdyhfTWm4jn3fcpDjXNaS”
I could be wrong.