How to mint Cardano native tokens

I am an SPO [Yabak] interested in minting Cardano native tokens (or NFT).
Can anyone show my the way how to mint tokens?
Many thanks…

check my guide (from cntools)

hello. budyy. I can`t find it

Read it first time

I found the way how to mint tokens and NFT.

2022년 12월 19일 (월) 09:44, Digital via Cardano Forum <>님이 작성:

Hello. Alex.
Always I appreciated you.
I minted the tokens.
I have a question.
Tx fees of the tokens are too high.
Is there any way to decrease the fee?
For example, network fees are paid by the tokens.

2022년 12월 17일 (토) 14:35, Charity Pool [CHRTY] via Cardano Forum <>님이 작성:

What do u mean tx fees? The minimum ADA amount which must be included in transaction (~1,5 ADA)

The cardano tokens can`t be fee in Tx???
In my opinion, ~1.5 ADA is expensive…

Let us assume. …
If I send 100 tokens (~1 ADA) to someone in the cardano chain, the fee (~1.5 ADA) is quiet expensive…

its not fixed ~ 1,5ADA, can be also less ~1,2ADA;
but this is not fee, is the minimum amount required by UTxO,
this amount will be received by the receiver together with the tokens

I want to know how to return fee ada like tosidrop

This is not an airdrop… it is more like a claim tokens

They can’t send you only the tokens, they also must include ~1,5 ADA

I think u will need to use a vending machine, people will send 2 ADA and they will receive 1,5 ADA + tokens


thanks. It make clear…

hi. Buddy.
The tokens minted in can be well used in chain?
I did but the tokens can be distributed in the vending machine… (seal`s vm site)

I do not use CNTOOLS. Let me know how to use it (Links). thanks.

should be fine, u have the tokens inside the wallet and can be distributed as u wish but:

  • u don’t have the policy files in case u will want to register the tokens…
  • u don’t have the policy files in case u will want to mint/burn tokens

So everything is fine as long u will not want to change the metadata, amount, etc in the future


last part of this guide

many thanks. but it is difficult for me because I do not use CNTOOLS…

hello. i face a problem…
How can I solve it?

U need to convert/use the token name in base16 format

I did it… but do not solve it. :frowning: