NFT Creation metadata, policy, IPFS

I’m working with an artist to create some NFT.
I’m writing an article on medium, here’s the draft.

I need some advice about :
How to mint new NFT, modify the metadata with ID2 ID3 ?
I would appreciate any ideas to improve the process.

You don’t need an account on medium to access the article.

Thanks for your help


Here is the official guide how to mint native tokens:

But also consider read this topic about what type of NFT is currently supported:

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Hey everybody! if anybody is interested! We just launch an API service that runs a Cardano Node and IPFS nodes that anybody can use to mint NFTs and Fungible Tokens on Cardano. Its very easy to do from simple transactions to very complex Assets and Collections up to 1000 assets per transaction!

This is a RESTfull API service that is here to stay! Stay in loop for any new features coming this year!