Creation of NFT

Are there any tutorials or examples that teach how to mint an NFT from scratch using the cardano-cli? I have already created a native token by following the example in the developer documentation, but not sure how to create an NFT. Thanks for your help!


also interested in creating a simple NFT, not a developer, but willing to learn, example in the documentation would be enough to start


Start with this: Working with Multi-Asset Tokens (

At the section " Example: Minting A New Native Asset" will start a step by step guide.


The OP just said they went through that

Was hoping some experts would chime in. But the most basic way that is apparent from the docs is that tokens minted with different policies are non-fungible. So one way is that a token is never fungible by different policies; meaning a token per policy is one way. A time locked or one-time use policy per token.

just leaving a comment to find this article as well…

More than willing to learn how to create nft art (the technical aspect not the art :D)

Any pointers to where to stat would be amazing!