Cardano NFT Marketplace

I am new in this Cardano platform.I started look through the website “” and followed the steps availble there. I am using Cardano Testnet.
What will be the best way to make the user interface for cardano wallet and minting NFT.

  1. Cardano CLI
  2. cardanoclijs
  3. Cardano Wallet
    The issue is I cannot getting any details like memonic, passpharase on using cardano cli or cardanoclijs on the wallet creation process. It is only available on cardano wallet process.

How I can get the NFTs available on Cardano blockchain.
Is there any document available which can help me to make a Cardano platform with activities like Mint NFT, Send NFT etc.

Hello @Suman_Saha,

Did you get any reference links for the same? As currently, I’m also working on the same functionality NFT minting.