General question about Native Token creation

Hello, I am looking to create my own native token on the Cardano blockchain and am having trouble figuring out exactly where to begin.

I understand I must set up a cardano-node on a remote server in order to create and mint my token, however, I am struggling to find documentation on exactly how to do this. Is there any hardware requirements that my server must meet in order to host this node? Will I need to set up two separate nodes (relay & block-producing), or is one of those enough? I did find an online Cardano native token creator which is fairly automated, however I would rather go through the process of using the CLI and interacting with the cardano node directly so I can learn how to fully manage and understand the process.

I apologize if these are naive and beginner questions. I am simply overwhelmed with quite a bit of information as I research this topic on the web. Any answers or pointers for where to begin would be highly appreciated.

The node is just needed to let you interact with the cardano blockchain. i.e. to submit the relevant transactions using the cli. You don’t need to host a block producing node, those are needed by Stake Pool Operators (SPO) and it doesn’t sound like you want to be an SPO.

The github gives you details regarding the specs needed to run the node

This site should give you a bit of a rundown on how to mint a native token,

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