Creating a token on Cardano blockchain - is it ready yet?

What’s up with Cardano blockchain in regards to creating a custom token on it, is it ready already to be used in production?

Yes since of february, with the Mary hard fork you can mint and distribute Native Tokens on the Cardano blockchain. Minting and distributing them is of course a bit custom and it depends on what you mean by “used in production”, they already have been used in production e.g. spacebudz distributed loads of Native Tokens the other day. Check out this guide on minting:


Recent video lesson on minting native assets on Cardano Using Daedalus as a Cardano Node – ADA MakerSpace

Have there already been created any real world tokens on Cardano, recently? The ones that’ve already been listed on some exchanges and are traded too, that is.

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By used in production I mean a token a) has been created b) traded - bought and sold - on some more or less well known exchanges

There’re plenty of examples of Ethereum-based tokens, but what about Cardano? Is Spacebudz the only example?

Nope, there are hundres. Here is a list of a lot of them Cardano NFT projects -

I mean, fungible tokens

Do you mean native tokens ? You’ll get more information and links there

To answer your question, yes it is. REVU token is one example of it, you can already buy some.

Interesting link and example with REVU. Do you know some other native tokens out there now or to look out for soon with Alonzo released? I’m interested to see these early applications come out.

I do not know if there is currently any official native tokens list but there is this Reddit thread and there was a community-oriented Telegram channel but it doesn’t seem to exist anymore. And of course you have