Can I use Cardano to 'start' my own cryptocurrency?

Hi folks.

I’m really new to blockchain compared to most people here so I apologize in advance if I seem to be asking newbie questions.

A bit of background first. I’m nearly 60, a newbie but not young LOL. I come from a banking/investment background and am looking at starting my own cryptocurrency as a really good friend had his business cancelled by a payment processor as he was marketing/selling conservative related products.

So, having been really annoyed for my friend I started looking at payment alternatives and started looking at creating a currency which was democratic in that all users irrespective of beliefs or creed would not get canceled.

I have examined in great depth Litecoin (omnicoin), Ethereum and BTC.

I like the idea of ethereum and its’ smart contracts thus its ability to use ERC-20 to start a currency. There are things I don’t like about ethereum i.e. gas prices and expense in general.

Litecoin I don’t like, I’m not sure about omni. As for Cardona I like the idea that gas is within the blockchain and the proof of stake which ethereum still hasn’t got to and its security, scalability which fits the checklist of a currency.

I am not a trader so I’m not overly interested in trading information.

However, I’m really interested in finding out information on ‘how’ I would go about ‘creating’ a viable currency. I suspect that I have to create a token to do it but can find no information online including youtube as to how I would do this.

I would be very grateful to any help/suggestions as I want to focus on getting this project going and don’t want to waste time and effort potentially going down a wrong track.

Thank you in advance

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Welcome aboard!
You can start from here


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Thank you, Alex much appreciated.

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