Native tokens and smart contracts

I have created 4 tokens with artwork and high-level whitepapers. I have been holding onto them for several months because I felt (1) Ethereum is slow and overcrowded (2) EC20 and other standards don’t meet my requirements. All of the tokens are independent, but some of them can work together.

I am a developer with 20 years of experience, most of which are Microsoft-centric (.net) I’m proficient in Javascript, Typescript, and other JS frameworks. I’ve played around with Solidity and I’m not a huge fan,

At any rate. I love Cardano. I have a sizeable investment in ADA, but I would like to be involved on a developer-centric entrepreneurial level. I’m open to collaboration, but I’m also a bit anxious about having my ideas “stolen”.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I believe in this project and I would love to be a part of it.



Hi cmorgan

Welcome to Cardano Forum, there are so many ways in which you could contribute and Cardano could be better for your input.
Have a good read around the various websites if you haven’t already, just to get a ‘feel’ for Cardano.
Secondly have a look into the Catalyst project
Please see link to get you started

Good luck, Feel free to ask any questions :+1:

This could provide you with everything you need and the collaborations that would be great for you

Have you joined the dev community in slack?

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