Project Catalyst - Developers wanted!

Hello! Cardano Developers

I am a member of the Challenge Team for Developer Ecosystem category. I assist catalyst proposers throughout their Catalyst journey (from start to finish and beyond) . Although our developer ecosystem group is newly set up for fund 8, it’s a very active community. After much discussion, we feel that most proposers are looking for Cardano Developers to join their team and carry out the projects. We would like to invite you to our telegram group chat so that the opportunity for collab is live and in action Telegram: Contact @DeveloperEcosystem

I would do my best to connect you with proposals that you are interested to work with. So please do come and join us! We can’t wait to see you there.

All the very best,
June Akra

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Hi Team
Our proposal in your challenge Developer Ecosystem

BWORKs - Right Dev in Right Work

Summarize your solution to the problem
Create smart contract based job services that actively offer developers right jobs, commit payment and provide them valuable data to grow.

Summarize your relevant experience
Practical blockchain engineers, software experts, product design, software engineering management, QA/QC. Project & product, finance & marketing management.
Assess and Vote for our projects please! :pray:
Thank you so much

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for sharing us with your proposal. It would be great to find time where we can meet and discuss this online. Feel free to let me know your availability. After you join our Developer Ecosystem telegram group here, I and my challenge team will DM you to make arrangement. Telegram: Contact @DeveloperEcosystem
Speak to you soon!
June Akra
Developer Ecosystem Challenge Team