NFT card game: Looking for a Cardano NFT developer to join our team (paid position)


I am working on an NFT project with a team of 4 so far (1 designer, 1 backend/python developer, 1 project manager, 1 online marketer)

We are all 4 of us accomplished professionals with 15+ years of experience in our fields. We would like to work with an equally accomplished individual who is hard working, committed and honest.

The project will be have 2 unique features:

  1. feature an NFT card game where you can use your NFTs to place bets with others and compete based on your card statistics and strategy

  2. have a very extensive tags/property list providing the best rarity specs in the NFT market

I can give more details in private. This is a very unique concept that I believe has the potential to create a new NFT niche.

The position can be paid both in $ or ADA, or via NFT allocation among teammembers. If you want to have an equal NFT allocation with all the founding team members, then there will be no monetary compensation (but also have higher potential returns). Let’s discuss!


Hi, I’m french, 55 years old, many years, several projects and languages. Now I’m using NodeJs and VueJs. I have 2 children working on graphics area, animation, 3D. I earned my first Cardanos and I think it is the future. My goal is to create NFT with my children projects. You can see me there: . The money is not my subject, but having a new experience. Bye

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added you as a contact, let’s chat there :slight_smile:

Hi, there’s several technical options and languages, and some related API. Do you have made your choice ?


I am also having good experience, let’s connect for further discussion.


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Just sent you a PM!

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Hello George,
I am setting up a similar project myself right now and would like to connect.
If interested please shoot me a message,
best regards,