Ideas are never crazy - Let's create an ideas repository - Cardano beginner brain storming - Members vote on the best ideas - Wouldn't it be great if Cardano

Dear friends,

I was looking for, but couldn’t find a place where everybody could spill their beans, spawn their ideas, discuss their crazy visions, make the unimaginable imaginable, in the form of an “ideas repository” where we all could propose and vote on the best ideas, and have them analysed by the Cardano team via one of the ambassadors.

The ideas of course should be technically feasible, in line with Cardano’s future vision, benefit humanity in some way.

What do you guys think ? :sweat_smile:


Daniel (bro of the daddy of the Genesis Jormungandr Test Node in Luxembourg :slight_smile: )

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It’s a good suggestion except for the fact that some ideas are actually business plans. Most people want to protect their ideas until they can get funding or monetize it. For a year, my company has been researching a project for Cardano in the nonprofit space. We are working on a project that will track donations in the nonprofit space from donation to disbursement for each donor. We are still researching. You can check it out at


Hi Mike,

thanks, I’ll take a look. Of course someone who wants to make a business out of their idea, will probably not be interested in exposing their business model by posting it in a forum. This is on a voluntary basis. There are also a lot of people who would like to post ideas, but don’t know where. For example…

Idea 1 - I would think it’d be a great idea to present to luxury brands like Luis Vuitton, Versace or Michael Korrs an authentication system like the one that is used for New Balance, because some products they sell are extremely expensive and are being plagiarized and copies sold all over the world.

Best, Daniel

My idea is to use the blockchain/ada as a way to pay the travelling (and budgets people can get from the government or their employers) in the public transport, uber and some ‘shared cars systems’. This as complement at the various ways all the countrys have their own systems.

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Harry, that seems like a great idea too! Government employee spending would be completely transparent and verifiable and automated, more cost efficient.

The idea is cool. But how to bring down oil dollars and issue maps with ADA for all, here’s the impasse. It’s probably not real.

Сама идея классная. Но как обрушить нефти доллары и выпустит карты с ADA для всех, вот тут тупик. Наверно это не реально.

I want burgers @ mcdonalds with my ada yummy😛 at 40000 stores worldwide

I have a crazy idea… Get Charles and Micheal Albert to spend a week long retreat together to discuss bringing both of their visions together. Participatory Economics is a very intriguing alternative to our current form of government, and I think that for such a futuristic system to operate efficiently, Cardano would be the perfect technological platform once Voltaire phase is completed. The potential here for new forms of decentralized governance is vast.