Linked to strangers over the web. Here are their thoughts

Got randomly invited by a bot to a private group with no main purpose. Felt the need to shill the project so made a quick post with the link to the main site.
I simply want everyone to know of this project. Do not put money into it , especially if you don’t understand what it’s about.

Two users commented so far, their intial comments were:

Any time i see the term “thought leaders” alarm bells start going off

I fail to understand what this is supposed to be. I think I saw every “successful business” buzzword and term in every conceivable combination, which makes that site look like that of a shell company for some major crime syndicate to funnel and launder money through

Now, these are two random strangers, who, seemingly aren’t into crypto. They didn’t say the S word but their initial reaction implied it. Makes one think why cardano has been called a scam.

After some exchanges, they seem to be intrigued now.

Yeah Im very attracted to a lot of the ideas behind cryptocurrency, and Im really pleased at the idea that it has set a series of changes into place that will eventually liberate currencies in general and hopefully return large parts of the economy to individual users. Ill look into this a bit more. I kept the tab open, but I have a lot on my plate today so I didnt try to dig past the obfuscatory surface information.

Hey, I’m a libertarian so I’m all for money not regulated and taxed by any sort of government. Now I know what it’s supposed to be so I’ll do some more research, thanks