Perhaps in networks another SCAM project!

Be careful!!! Perhaps in networks another SCAM project. Position themselves as Cardano
Here’s the YouTube link

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@jonmoss @tom.kelly Something we know about?

Edit: Whois info -

Edit2: Based in London

9th Floor 6 Bevis Marks,
London, EC3A 7BA,

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@Andy_Hendrikx @Hamann50 Thanks very much for heads up - looks very scammy and we have not seen this before.

Investigating! Thanks again.


@Andy_Hendrikx @Hamann50 the takedown King @tom.kelly has reported this site!

Thanks again :smiley:


That’s cool! It is necessary to inform the community about possible fraudsters, especially if they act on behalf of Cardano. Thank you!

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Wow. I mean the audacity… through the roof. Do they ever get caught?

It’s worth spending a few minutes looking into them, the BS level is amazing. At one point it seems their USP is familiarity with the Mongolian financial system…

Whahahaha :rofl:, sorry, scams are not funny. But this sentence…