(This is from a post I just published on Whole Human. Any comments on the comments will be helpful and appreciated.)

I had no idea that cryptocurrency is such a controversial and mis-understood subject,
until I read the comments on my post in online discussion groups. I asked:
Is cryptocurrency a part of your New World/New Earth paradigm? Why or why not?​’

Among the comments:

​’Crypto is largely a pump and dump scam. No real use cases and works off the idea of “the greater fool”. I see this being taken on by government in the future as a tool to further enslave and track people.’

​What if I told u I can steal all your coins one day if I would like! Good that I am not that kind off person :wink::slight_smile: bichase if I really want I know It’s possible! :alien:

​’It also became a way to launder money. I kept up a while but found it untrustworthy. We cannot yet control regulations in cyberworld. Wild wild west until then it is breeding ground for thieves. Maybe one day. Who knows’

‘Well, get used to it, old mate. What do you think will be coming in once the fiat system is dead after this current hoax. Digital money. Can’t use cash is now dirty. Printed money not worth the paper it’s written on anymore.’

‘Not sure about alt coins most are rubbish or scams. If you want to get into crypto buy bitcoin they all follow the number 1 coin with market movements.’


'Good to know you have/are making a move into comprehending and “investing” into the crypto space, its technology, the pros&cons as well as sharing how it relates to you and how you feel about it.

I’ve got exposed to crypto since mid-2017 and never looked back.

The analytical part of it is fascinating to me. The way the crypto markets dance and how predictable they can be when applying other types of knowledge and wisdom - such as fractals - even though baffling - like Life is - is something which feels very familiar to my core.

Cardano is an excellent project with an excellent founder and leader (who also co-founded Ethereum). It has a lot of fundamentals in favour for it to be very successful and to grow in exponential value in the next Bull run of the so-called “shit coins” or more traditionally called Altcoins.

Feel free to ask me crypto-related stuff.

Massive adoption is coming. The core of the crypto space is led by goo ppl who do want to see a transition of the whole financial system into something much more transparent, sustainable, decentralised and to be held by the ppl and for the people.

Wishing you well and looking forward to more of your shares.
Warm regards from Portugal.

~ Pedro