Hi Guys, soaking up all I can about crypto



This is a very interesting space right now and even though I had heard about bitcoin way back when it first started I had no idea it would grow to such an extent. I feel a lot of the value now though is because of a FOMO investor frenzy.

I dont think I will be jumping in to that pool just yet.

The underlying tech “blockchain” is the real winner here and so far I like everything I read about Cardano. It is clear that in the future (maybe not too far) a crypto currency will take over the international fiat currency system, it is so exciting to watch which currency will emerge as the winner Bitcoin is the leader but is deficient in so many ways.

I would love to hear and share views on this.


Hello and welcome @firefly

Have you watched the IOHK whiteboard videos? I watched this at the beginning and definitely explained a lot to me in terms of differences between Cardano and other coins: https://www.cardanohub.org/en/what-is-cardano/


Thanks for the tip I checked it out and learnt heaps more !